Au Pair Lifestyle

Do  you think your family would be a great fit for an au pair? What makes a family right for the Au Pair Program? Do au pairs expect a certain lifestyle when they come to the US?

Thankfully, you don’t have to wonder. Blogger Summer Blackhurst has been interviewing parents all over the country for years now and she shares their very real opinions in her blog. Check out her most recent article. In it, she quotes some Host Moms who have experienced other forms of childcare and found au pair childcare to suit their families.

What kinds of childcare have you used? Did the kids like it? Your children will love their new au pair. He or she is like a fun new big brother or sister who can teach them all about another country and culture, not to mention teach them some new languages and a tolerance that can only be learned live and in-person. Can your daycare or babysitter offer that?

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Go Au Pair and the Au Pair Program offer a value like no other, flexible and safe for your family. Contact Go Au Pair in RI at

How about the flexibility to have your childcare when you need it, like when you need to work late or work from home, undisturbed, to finish that presentation or proposal? Working families find the au pair lifestyle is their lifestyle. Au pairs can work up to 45 hours per week, doing more than just babysitting. Au pairs can drive your kids where they need to go, help supervise homework and chores, pack healthy lunches or snacks, help out at supper and bathtime, and even do children’s laundry if you need! This is all for one price, mind you.

Here is a challenge. Check out the scheduling availability and pricing at any of the approved childcare providers in RI, then compare to Go Au Pair and the benefits of the Au Pair Program. I think you will find yourself in shock. Then you will probably call me!

Summer has interviewed thousands of families who have used all sorts of childcare from family members to agency nannies to daycare to private pre-school or sitters. She is clear at the end of her recent piece that, once parents discover the many benefits of the Au Pair Program and au pair childcare with Go Au Pair, nothing else can compare. If you are a single mom or dad, married couple, or somewhere in between, the Au Pair Program and au pair childcare with Go Au Pair might be for you!

Still not convinced? Questioning how an au pair might fit into your family’s lifestyle? Contact me, Joan Lowell, Rhode Island area Go Au Pair representative, at 401.309.1925 or You can also register for free and get started interviewing right away at


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