Planning Ahead for Year Two, or Three

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Attention Host Families, it may be time for you to consider looking for your next au pair. Go Au Pair has been helping families find safe, skilled, flexible and affordable childcare since 1989. After your au pair has spent a year, or up to two full years, it is time to find a new match. RI area residents, including selected CT and MA zip codes, may be eligible for our Local Area Discount, a savings of up to 15%! See our full page in your RI Family Guide!

Perhaps your family is in the position to evaluate your childcare needs and find an au pair to meet them. I’d like to help. I am Joan Lowell, your Go Au Pair representative in the RI area, including parts of CT and MA. You can reach me at or 401.309.1925 or find us online.

Host Mom and very honest blogger Cyndi Frick shares her do’s and don’ts for choosing an au pair to meet your family’s unique childcare needs. Read about it for yourself. I would like to point out that, even after hosting, Cyndi is still quite enthusiastic about the program and its benefits for her and her family. Like any family, hers has changed a little bit over the past year, as have her expectations and needs in a childcare provider. Not surprisingly, she still feels an au pair is the best way to fulfill that need. Perhaps this Au Pair Program and au pair childcare are worth investigating.

Let me share some details about how the program works. You can register for free with Go Au Pair and begin interviewing au pair candidates who have already been screened and passed their training and interview process in their own country. Unlike other agencies, Go Au Pair allows you, the Host Family, to interview multiple candidates at the  same time, and we do not collect a penny from you until you have actually found your match! We will even match written offers you may have from other agencies!

You have many choices and options with Go Au Pair, including the language and country of your au pair, plus specific skills such as driving, swimming, CPR and First Aid certifications and more. You set the work schedule and house rules, including curfews, guests, etc. You detail job expectations and tasks, such as preparing kids’ lunches, transporting to/from school or activities, supervising homework, and even  cleaning kid play spaces and doing kids’ laundry!

Your au pair is expecting an American cultural experience too. He or she will come to live with you for at least one year, and then will have the option to extend for 6, 9 or 12 more months. During this time, you pay your au pair a weekly stipend and he or she provides up to 45 hours per week, not more than 10 hours per day, of flexible cultural childcare. Host Families contribute up to $500 toward the au pair’s educational requirement of 6 college credits or 72 classroom hours.

Both au pair and Host Family have the personalized, professional customer support of the Go Au Pair agency behind them. We have Success Coordinators and Placement Coordinators at headquarters in Salt Lake City, Utah, and Local Area Representatives in 90 cities across the country. We handle all the logistics and paperwork for you; you focus on making a great match for your family.


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