Find Your Mutual Match

Go Au Pair is your cultural childcare experience agency; we want to help you have an incredible cultural exchange experience with an au pair who really fits into your family. Host Mom and blogger Cyndi Frick explores what types of personalities match her family best in her latest post. Would you prefer a personality like you own or your spouse’s in your next au pair? I wouldn’t want another one of either of us! That is not to say we are not really cool people, our au pair should be someone who is the best of both of us, plus the best of our moms.

Go Au Pair provides skilled, engaging live-in childcare for your family!

Your au pair can provide the extra set of hands you need! Become a Host Family with Go Au Pair!

Au Pairs, though, are so much more. They are loving, excited young people who are happy to spend their time with kids, engaging them and sharing language and culture while giving you the safe, skilled childcare to fit your family’s flexible schedule! Your family can have what we call a Mutual Match – that is a caregiver whose skills and personality match yours. We have hundreds of au pair candidates ready to start interviewing today.

Simply visit us online, register for free and you can find your mutual match on your own time. Go Au Pair sponsors your au pair’s Visa and handles the paperwork and logistics (yes, you do have some choice and flexibility on arrival dates). We provide you with over 300 qualified candidates; you simply sort through according to your needs to narrow down to a reasonable pool of candidates. Other agencies won’t let you interview more than one au pair at a time; we allow you to interview as many candidates  you want!

Consider which personality traits you value in your next au pair. If you and your spouse are both loud and outgoing, perhaps the kids would benefit from a more docile personality. Or if you are opposites, perhaps you need someone more in the middle. This young person will be spending up to 45 hours per week with your kids, providing a cultural childcare experience like no other. In the RI area, Host Families may be eligible for up to 15% off program fees – be sure to ask about our Locals Only Discount.

Contact me, Joan Lowell, Local Area Representative for Go Au Pair in RI and surrounding areas, at 401.309.1925 or I want to help your family find a Mutual Match, a personality who will encourage your children and fill in any blanks. I want to help your family find a au pair with Go Au Pair.


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