Go Au Pair Honors Colombia

Each month, Go Au Pair recognizes a different country in our Featured Country of the Month. This month, Host Families who match with a Colombian au pair will be eligible for $100 discount! Go Au Pair Providence is lucky enough to have a Colombian au pair in our growing group.  Gloria is from Manizales, a city about 120 miles west of the capital city of Bogota. Her Host Family has found her to be a friendly, patient and blessed addition to their family over the past six months. Gloria has grown in character and experience through her au pair experience with Go Au Pair.

Register online at www.goaupair.com/Providence

Host Families matching with a Colombian au pair during the month of April may be eligible for a $100 savings! Register today at http://www.goaupair.com/Providence

Colombia is a South American country of more than 45 million people, mostly Spanish-speaking, the planet’s second most biodiverse for the highest amount of species per area. Butterflies, orchids, amphibians and birds are more numerous than people! Colombia is also the leading source of the world’s emeralds and is well-known for its outstanding coffee. Want to know more? An exchange experience with a Colombian au pair, or an au pair from another country, is not beyond your means.

I wonder if your family is interested in a cultural childcare experience with Go Au Pair. RI area families, including select zip codes from CT and MA, may be eligible for our Locals Only Discount. This is a savings of up to 15% off program fees; we will beat our competitors in both pricing and customer service. Just ask our Host Families; if you like, you can meet some real Host Families at Go Au Pair Providence’s next event, and even meet Gloria, our Colombian au pair! We also have families who host au pairs from Argentina, Ukraine and South Africa!

Go Au Pair Providence is having its first meeting of this season at Roger Williams Park Zoo, this Saturday at 10am. We will tour the zoo and then drive the short distance, within the 40-acre park, to the Temple to Music, where we will have a picnic lunch and fly some kites! You are invited to join us! The Go Au Pair Boston group may also come and bring more friends and families. The weather looks to be just right, mid to upper 50s with a slight breeze. That should be perfect for a leisurely stroll through the zoo and our kites will appreciate the breeze. Don’t forget to bring your camera because the zoo and park are camera-ready.

Contact me, Joan Lowell, Go Au Pair Providence representative, at 401.309.1925 or message me at jlowell@goaupair.com. I can answer your questions about the Au Pair Program and becoming a Host Family. Visit us online and read all about it. You can register for free and get started looking at candidates from Colombia or your country of choice. I am sure your family could find lots of creative ways to use your 45 hours per week of cultural childcare. Keep in mind, this is a live-in program, but you will love your new au pair and so will your kids. Did I mention all your kids are one price? Yes, for less than $7.55 per hour, you can have flexible, skilled au pair childcare! I can’t wait to hear from you or meet you next week!


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