Why Should YOU Choose Go Au Pair?

You may be surprised to hear, as I was, that fellow-blogger Cyndi Frick, whose block I enjoy and share with you, has been a Host Mom for a different agency! She has been sharing her Host Family experiences with us in her blog for a year or so. I am happy to tell you she has discovered the joy of the Au Pair Program, but also the passion and dedication of a small agency like Go Au Pair. I’d like to welcome Cyndi, and perhaps you, to the Go Au Pair family!

Register for FREE at www.goaupair.com/Providence

Get ready to be WOWED by Go Au Pair and the Au Pair Program in Rhode Island!

I am ready to give you the long list, but let’s just start with the short list of why au pair childcare may be just what the doctor ordered! As Cyndi graciously points out, the Au Pair Program is extremely flexible and beats any other form of childcare out there, as long as you are willing to do a little bit of work too. The cultural childcare experience in and of itself is incredible, but if the Host Family is to be honest, it takes effort on their part too.

That is to be expected when your caregiver is more than just a babysitter or nanny. He or she becomes a member of the family, really. This will be the third, or fourth child you never knew you wanted, but will come to love. This will be the big brother or sister you always wish your child had, for those times when you need a break but your significant other is busy too. Although your au pair comes with real childcare skills and experience, he or she is still a young person coming to America with hopes and dreams of his or her own. There may be a time you need to be a parent to your au pair or be a shoulder to cry on, or a voice of wisdom.

On the other hand, you will not know what you did before the Au Pair Program blessed your life with this newfound joy. You will re-discover free time, individual time with children and/or your spouse! You could plan a date night! You can schedule gym time again! How about that girls’ night out you have been promising your girlfriends for two years? Do it! Your au pair can work up to 45 hours per week, flexible according to your needs. He or she can perform childcare related tasks like driving and kids’ laundry as well as the actual childcare. What are you waiting for? Here is your invitation:  Register to become a Host Family with Go Au Pair and you can do all of these things!

Maybe you think I have more to gain than I really do here; I believe the Au Pair Program in Rhode Island (and all over the US, for that matter) is an outstanding program for parents interested in a cultural exchange experience for their children, particularly if they are already paying for childcare of any kind. I am dedicated to helping families in my area, RI, CT and MA, to have an outstanding experience for one or more years with Go Au Pair. Please contact me, Joan Lowell, at jlowell@goaupair.com or 401.309.1925.



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