Choosing Your Mutual Match

Go Au Pair is a unique childcare agency you should take some time to explore. We offer a cultural childcare experience through the Au Pair Program all over the United States. Young people from dozens of countries are ready and waiting to be interviewed by you.

Get Cultural with Go Au Pair Providence

Go Au Pair is dedicated to giving you a cultural childcare experience in the comfort of your own home! Register for free at

They are skilled and experienced childcare providers, tutors, teachers and nannies in their own countries, waiting to be your next live-in au pair. These young people, ages 18-26, come to live with you for a year or more, providing up to 45 hours of flexible childcare each week. Your au pair will provide your entire family with an exciting year of cultural exchange and learning.

How do you get involved? Register for free online, and myself or someone from our main office in Salt Lake City, Utah will contact you. Read about some outstanding advice from a real Host Mom about how to conduct a successful interview. We also provide our Host Families with a number of resources to educate yourself about the Au Pair Program and Go Au Pair’s unique Mutual Match process. We are a smaller agency, and able to give you outstanding customer service and individualized attention.

Other au pair agencies allow you to interview only one candidate at a time, rejecting one before moving on to another. Go Au Pair wants you to be able to keep options open, allowing you to review and interview as many individuals as you’d like, simultaneously. There is no obligation whatever until you and your au pair both decide that this is your Mutual Match.

A word about making your match, please. I like to tell parents to trust their gut, and I am happy to say Host Mom Cyndi Frick (go read her article with interviewing advice) agrees with me and says so in her blog. Prepare for your interview and tell your au pair to do the same – he or she should read your family profile and possibly prepare some questions of his or her own. Make sure your electronics work in time for the interview and be on time yourself. Cyndi doesn’t like late candidates, and au pairs are often surprised at Americans’ lack of respect for timeliness.

The Au Pair Program is so much more than hiring a babysitter; it is hiring a new family member for a year or two! Put work into your au pair selection and relationship and your family will reap the rewards for years to come. Contact me, Joan Lowell, Providence area LAR for Go Au Pair, your service-oriented cultural childcare agency, at 401.309.1925 or I look forward to helping your family have an amazing cultural childcare experience in 2015!



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