Affordable Live-in Childcare?

Yes, really! Take a minute to compare your current childcare costs with the cost of hosting an Au Pair from Go Au Pair, especially when you factor in the Rhode Island area Locals Only Discount pricing. Where else can you get up to 45 hours of flexible, and I mean flexible, live-in childcare, which includes childcare-related tasks like driving, cooking, supervising kids’ chores, cleaning up after kids and kids’ areas, and even kids’ laundry? Where? I’ll tell you – no place other than Go Au Pair Providence!

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Go Au Pair wants you to know your family can afford Au Pair childcare! Register today at

Tell your friends and families! Come meet a real Au Pair and ask him or her some questions. You want a Host Mom perspective? Cyndi Frick will give you the low-down on things you haven’t even thought of yet – she still says it’s affordable!

We are serious about giving our American families an outstanding experience they want to repeat over and over again, as well as giving our Au Pairs a cultural exchange experience that will leave them with an American family plus the one back home. At Go Au Pair, we do this with both of you in mind. Families need affordable care and Au Pairs want an experience that will let them explore our communities, make new friends, and expand their horizons in new and exciting ways. Families want the best care for less than they pay traditional babysitters or Nannies.

With Go Au Pair, you get up to 45 hrs (not more than 10/day) of childcare for as low as $7.53 per hour, or up to 30 hrs for as low as $9.53 per hour, no matter how many children in your family! In addition to child care, au pairs can perform light child-related housekeeping. A private bedroom is required, since it is a live-in program.

An au pair provides flexible childcare while living in your home & completing an educational component to his or her program (another budget factor, but very manageable). It is a year-long arrangement with the possibility of a second year. You can set the schedule & choose from several payment options: Standard plan includes two installments; various payment plan options, up to 9 installments!

We even have several possible discounts for the budget-conscious:

Military discount
Featured Country
Male Au Pair
Switching agency

My name is Joan Lowell, your Go Au Pair LAR (Local Area Rep) for the Providence area, including Eastern CT locations. Please contact me with your questions at or 401.309.1925. You can just register online for free, that way you can get started selecting Au Pair candidates for interview. I look forward to helping your family have an outstanding cultural childcare experience with Go Au Pair in the coming years!


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