Cultural Childcare Experience?

Go Au Pair has been matching Host Families (American families who need flexible, affordable, live-in childcare) with Au Pairs (international childcare providers ages 18-26 who are interested in cultural exchange by immersion as part of your family) as part of the Au Pair Program since 1989. We are here in Providence, Rhode Island since 2012 and love our new Au Pairs and Host Families.

Host Families really do need flexible care, and who couldn’t use 45 hours of help with the kids every week? Au Pairs are really bold, adventurous people (even the quiet ones) who deserve our constructive feedback, support and love. Host Mom, Cyndi Frick (and so frick’in funny – sorry, I had to), gives her ideas about the program (before, during and reflective) and the cultural exchange aspect for her family, specifically her boys. You’ve got to read her take on the Au Pair Program and cultural exchange from the Host Family perspective: read it here.

Register today at

Get the most for your childcare buck! RI, CT and MA families may save up to 15% off program fees when they host an au pair from Go Au Pair!

As for the cultural childcare experience here in Rhode Island, why not come find out for yourself?

Give your children a cultural childcare experience like no other — host an au pair! All au pairs do speak English (rated 1-5); many speak more than one other language and you can choose your preference.  Go Au Pair provides cultural events & social experiences for your au pair while he or she is here, as well as a list of approved schools where he or she can complete their educational component. Just this week, we are visiting Newport’s First Beach and hiking a portion of the world-famous Newport Cliff Walk, newly reconstructed after storm damage in 2012.

When you host an Au Pair, your family gets the cultural experience of a lifetime, for a whole year, plus childcare and help around the house with childcare-related tasks like kids’ laundry, meal/snack prep/clean-up, even driving!

Your children will be exposed to the culture, traditions, foods, games & stories of your choice. In addition, choose budget options that work for you, set schedules you need, & choose skills specific to your family, like someone who drives or is CPR/First Aid certified.

Visit Go Au Pair’s local page to apply today! Local discount pricing may apply, depending on your zip code! Joan Lowell (that’s me) is your Local Area Representative; contact me at or 401.309.1925.


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