Can’t Beat RI Favorites

Welcome to Rhode Island, the Ocean State and home of delicious food! As part of the Au Pair Program, au pairs are supposed to get out there and have a cultural exchange experience of their own. Yes, the program is designed to provide American families with skilled, experienced cultural childcare. But what about the cultural experience for the au pair?

In Rhode Island, there are some cultural experiences that one must try. You’ve got to visit our beaches, for example. I wouldn’t necessarily expect everyone to want to swim in the ocean, although we do, you should at least visit one of our beaches to experience the Ocean State! Be sure to check for beach closures, especially after heavy rain.

You’ve also got to visit downtown Providence and the many cultural activities centered in our own Renaissance City, where we celebrate the arts every day. These include our many museums, vintage shops and downtown nightlife, not to mention the outstanding dining.

For family-friendly experiences, you’ve got to visit our world-class Roger Williams Park Zoo and ride the swan boats (be prepared to pedal). Our park is free to all visitors and has lots of picnic areas, as well as a carousel village and concession stand, open year round! The swan boats can fit four and life jackets are provided. This is fun for families, couples or just friends!

For Rhode Island-only food experiences, first, stop by Olneyville Square’s New York System Hot Weiners and get some belly-busters (all the way means with mustard, onions, meat sauce and celery salt – and is the only way to order your gaggers) with french fries and coffee milk. What? Never heard of coffee milk? It is a RI specialty, a coffee-flavored syrup used to flavor milk and other foods – made only in RI. If you’ve got enough room, on the way home, stop at the sign of the lemon. This can only mean Del’s lemonade, a frozen concoction you will find no other place than Rhode Island. Others may try to imitate, but do not leave Rhode Island without stopping at one of their two or three stores throughout the state, or one of their many road-side trucks with a giant lemon sign.

For more information about becoming a Host Family, please contact me, Joan Lowell, your LAR for Go Au Pair in the RI area, at or 401.309.1925. Register online for free and with no obligation at I look forward to helping your family have an outstanding cultural childcare experience this year!



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