Do the Rhody Ramble!

Are you doing the Rhody Ramble this year? What? Haven’t heard of it yet? Where have you been? Come explore Rhode Island this summer and visit almost 30 historic places across our great state! You may even meet some members of Go Au Pair Providence at a family-friendly event or two.

Register today at

Get the most for your childcare buck! RI, CT and MA families may save up to 15% off program fees when they host an au pair from Go Au Pair!

RI area au pairs and their Host Families, this is a great opportunity to share some of our unique culture with your au pair and your kids! Your au pair has come here to care for your children, take classes in an American college or university and to see what America has to offer. Why not show off some of our historic gems? Besides, the Preserve RI folks have done the leg-work for you!

Designed for children ages 5-12 years, these summer family events are either for a small fee (many under $10) or free. Au pairs can drive the kids there and use work hours like no daycare or pre-school can! You can make it a family day-trip, take pictures and have the children write about their favorite part of the family adventure. Register online to be eligible for prizes and drawings.

In Newport, visit the Brick Market, the Museum of Natural History and Planetarium, the Breakers Mansion, tour Fort Adams, and even do a family scavenger hunt! Families can explore the Old Washington County Jail in Kingstown, see topiary creations shaped like animals and creatures of all kinds, visit the birthplace of Gilbert Stuart or the Beavertail Lighthouse Museum. In Lincoln, come see a real blacksmith shop (you just missed the American Girl party there) or head up to Woonsocket to the Museum of Work & Culture.

These are just a few samplings of the options, but no matter where you go, take the time to let your children and your au pair explore and learn to appreciate what makes us unique. The year will go quickly, so take time to learn, live and love! Contact me, your Go Au Pair LAR in Rhode Island; I am Joan Lowell, 401.309.1925 or Get started on your RI adventure today!


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