South African Male Au Pair Jodi

South Africans make great au pairs! Why? They speak perfect English, first of all, and what could be more important when you leave your children in the care of their au pair for up to 45 hours per week? South Africans are hard workers and excellent drivers too! I implore you to consider a male au pair, since they make incredible role models for young children and bring a certain sense of authority with them.

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Register at to interview Jodi Joshua from South Africa to be your next au pair!

Jodi Joshua from South Africa is an outstanding au pair candidate, available through your local au pair agency, Go Au Pair! He is available full time (that’s up to 45 hours/week), depending on your needs, and is also willing to work with any kind of American family, whether it be a traditional married couple, single mom or dad, or even same-sex couples. The youngest of three in his family, Jodi is a 25 year old high school graduate with both CPR and First Aid training (including pediatric first aid), plus training as a lifeguard and a computer certificate! He has already had an awesome experience as a camp counselor and lifeguard in the US and wants to have another amazing experience with your family.

Jodi speaks English (rated 5 out of 5), Afrikaans and Dutch! Jodi Joshua wants to be your au pair because he believes the children can brighten the future of our world, given the proper guidance and leadership, knowledge of right and wrong, and opportunities to make healthy choices. He wants to bring this positive attitude and energy to your household! Previous references have stated Jodi is patient, reliable, hard-working, connects well with the children and is able to capture their attention.

Jodi has experience as a Nanny, Au Pair and Daycare teacher with children from toddlers to teens. He enjoys cycling, is learning to surf, enjoys playing video games and watching movies. He says he can swim, cook and ski, too! He drives his own vehicle (a large standard) in moderate traffic daily, has been a licensed driver since 2009, and is willing to place with a family with any kind of pets. Check out Jodi’s 2013 youtube video application, then register for free online, and get started interviewing Jodi or another of our available au pair candidates.

Go Au Pair sponsors the Visa and handles all the logistics for you. You get an incredible cultural childcare experience with flexible scheduling like no other form of childcare. You get one price for all your kids, plus your au pair can do all sorts of childcare-related tasks, like driving the kids to/from school, practice or lessons, doing kids’ laundry (that’s huge!), supervising homework and chores, even cooking and cleaning up light meals and snacks! What are you waiting for? Contact me, Joan Lowell, your LAR in RI, CT and MA, at or 401.309.1925.


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