MVF Wanted in RI

Go Au Pair has announced a new opportunity for its most valued families to save money on current and future au pair placements, as well as to actually make a buck! Yeah for Go Au Pair and its MVFs! We are calling it our Customer Delights Program (anyone else old enough to remember the song, “Afternoon Delight”?) and August has been our launch month.

Register at

Let Go Au Pair make scheduling childcare music to your ears! Register for free at and get started on your cultural childcare experience today!

Go Au Pair is looking for Most Valuable Families (MFVs) in each cluster across the nation. Did you know that Go Au Pair is present in 127 US cities? Since some LARs, like myself, have two major cities within an hours drive, there are nearly 90 of us around the country! Why not speak with one of us about this exciting cultural opportunity? We would be happy to help you discover if au pair childcare could be a solution for your childcare needs.

We are not here to sell a product or service you don’t want or need. If you are paying any form of childcare, especially for more than one child, are interested in a cultural experience for your family, and need flexible, reliable, and consistent care for your kids while you work or are away from them, consider this solution. Hosting an au pair costs less than $8 an hour and some families can talk about the benefits for hours.

That’s where our Customer Delights program comes in. I will be recruiting one or more Host Families in the Providence, RI cluster, who would be willing to do one, or more, of the following:

Refer another family to Go Au Pair – when the new family’s au pair arrives, the referring family gets either $500 credit toward their current placement or a $250 gift card! Think of how many people you know who use childcare of some kind and might love a cultural childcare experience with Go Au Pair.

Speak with an interested family about your au pair childcare experience – HQ will provided contact info and after speaking with the interested family and completing a very short “call log,” you get a $50 credit. If the interested family ends up matching with an au pair, you get another $50 credit.

Leave a review about your cultural childcare experience on Citysearch and/or Google+ company pages so other potential Host Families can read about what you think of Go Au Pair, your Local Area Representative, their Au Pair or even just about the Au Pair Program – once HQ receives the link to your review, you get a $25 credit towards your placement, up to $50 credit if you leave a review at both website!

For all the details, examples, and instructions, visit us at

Contact me directly at 401.309.,1925 or with your questions. I am Joan Lowell, your RI area LAR. You can also register for free online at I look forward to hearing from interested families and hope to have more than one MVF in our area!


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