Au Pairs from the Ukraine

Au pairs come from all over the world. They are young people with childcare experience who desire a cultural exchange experience. Many au pairs are adventurous young adults with a desire to travel, improve their language skills, and learn more life skills they can take home for their future lives. Some think au pairs are wild partiers who simply come to find a husband and gain citizenship or overstay their Visa and become illegal immigrants. This is simply not true for the majority of au pairs and especially not true when au pairs from certain countries are portrayed negatively.

I personally take offense to these generalizations and would like to take this opportunity to educate the local citizenry about the Au Pair Program in America and Go Au Pair here in Providence, Rhode Island. The Au Pair Program is a mutually beneficial cultural exchange program regulated by the US DOS (yes, Uncle Sam is watching us, too) and you, the consumer, have the protection and support of a real American-based business, Go Au Pair, headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah. The au pairs that come here are ambassadors from their own country and the Host Families with whom they live are ambassadors of our American culture. The Au Pair Program embraces differences and teaches tolerance and acceptance of diversity.

Our agency has nearly 90 representatives in over 125 cities and offers competitive live-in childcare options to real working families with children. This is not just a program for the ultra-wealthy or elite families. Go Au Pair offers affordable care for real families. My local cluster, here in the Southern New England area, has hosted many au pairs since Go Au Pair has had a representative in this area, as well as the nearby Boston, MA and Hartford and Stamford, CT areas. Many cultures have been represented and shared over the years. Today, I would like to share with you some of our excellent au pair candidates who come from one of the many regions experiencing political upheaval at this time –  the Ukraine.

Please consider hosting one of these lovely au pair candidates so they may share the great culture of their homeland with your family and you may send them home with new American traditions as well. Shout-out to Host Mom and fellow-blogger, Cyndi Frick, for choosing her new au pair from the Ukraine (stop worrying – she will be fantastic)!

Register now at

Anastasiia is an infant qualified au pair looking to make her Mutual Match with an American Host Family! Register now at

Meet 24 year old Anastasiia, a college graduate who wants to improve her English and gain life experience supporting her American Host Family with full-time childcare. She is the youngest of three children in her family, has babysitting experience and is infant qualified too. She speaks English (rated 4 of 5), Russian and Ukrainian.

In addition to being a swimmer, Anastasiia says she can ski, cook, drive (since 7/2012) and would love her new Host Family to be a married couple or single mom. Pets are okay too. Give your family a unique cultural childcare experience with Go Au Pair and you may wonder why anyone would hire a sitter!

Let me introduce you to another excellent candidate from the Ukraine. She is 22 year old Daria, a college graduate who speaks English (rated 4 of 5), Russian, French and Ukrainian! She would love to find Mutual Match with a traditional married couple or single parent of either gender.

Daria is willing to work with a family whose children are from two to teens, and she has both babysitting and daycare experience. Daria says she enjoys computers, horse riding, reading and fishing – perhaps your family has similar interests. She says she can cook, swim and is willing to place with a family who has pets.

Register at with no cost or obligation

Daria, an au pair from the Ukraine, is waiting for you to register and contact her! Your kids will love their new au pair from the Ukraine, or wherever you choose!

While here, Daria wants to improve her English, gain life and childcare experience and skills, as well as learn more about the American culture. Previous references say Daria has strong organizational and planning skills and is highly energetic, a quick learner and a hard worker. You know your family needs someone like that!

Perhaps you don’t need full-time care. Go Au Pair understands that not all families need 45 hours per week of childcare, so we have a part-time option for families which offers up to 30 hours of skilled and reliable au pair childcare, called EduCare. For this option, the au pair must take 12 college credits during her year-long placement rather than the educational requirement of 6 credits for full-time au pairs. Host Families must contribute up to $500 toward this requirement for a full-time au pair and up to $1000 if they are hosting an Educare Au Pair.

Nataliia is a 22 year old native of the Ukraine who is willing to work either full or part time for the American family willing to host her in their home. Nataliia has had some college and has childcare experience as a babysitter and au pair. She is also infant qualified, so she can care for your infant as well as older kids for all one low price!

Register at

Willing to work full or part-time, Nataliia is an au pair from the Ukraine. Consider being her Host Family this year – register at now!

Nataliia speaks English (rated 5 of 5), German, Russian and Ukrainian; she says the job of au pair is a good fit for her character  and that she deals well with children of any age. She also believes that all people should learn another language in order to keep up with our changing world. Previous employers have called Nataliia careful, laid-back and reliable. Nataliia cannot ski or swim, but she can cook, drives (since 3/2013) and will place with a Host Family who has pets of any kind. Her ideal Host Family will be a traditional married couple, single parents of either gender, or a gay couple with children of any age. Could she be a perfect fit for your family?

Contact me, Joan Lowell, at 401.309.1925 or with your questions about au pair childcare. If you have no questions and are ready to proceed, register (it’s free) online and get started interviewing au pair candidates right away! It’s that simple and you will wonder how you ever lived without an au pair before this! I look forward to hearing from you and working with your family and your au pair(s) in the coming years.



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