South African Infant Au Pair Available in December

Need live-in childcare? Have an infant, and maybe older kids, who need flexible and reliable care? Interested in a cultural childcare experience? Go Au Pair has several in-country au pairs who can match with you right away, eliminating the wait-time for an embassy appointment.

What makes her infant qualified? An infant qualified au pair from Go Au Pair has at least 200 hours of documented infant care experience, but Neutoria has over thousand hours! There is no extra charge for Infant qualified au pairs, who can care for older kids too, and have had extra hours of infant-specific safety and developmental training. Although au pairs cannot be the sole care provider for an infant under 3 months, they can assist in all aspects of care in preparation for being on his or her own when the baby is over 3 months and mom returns to work.

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Host an Au Pair to meet your varied childcare needs and get a cultural childcare experience like no other!

This South African au pair has successfully completed her first year with an American Host Family with two children! Neutoria speaks excellent English and is ready and able to match with you for her second year, which starts in the middle of December. How would you like to bring home an outstanding cultural childcare experience for Christmas?

Twenty-one year old high school graduate Neutoria has over 3,500 hours of documented experience (babysitting & daycare) caring for children under age two! She is both CPR and First Aid certified and has been a licensed driver in South Africa since 3/2014; she would need to get a state-issued driver’s license if you need her to drive your kids.

The oldest of three children, Neutoria can swim, cook, enjoys reading, singing, dancing and playing the guitar. She is looking for a traditional married couple or single mom with children of any age, including children with special needs, and is willing to match with a family with pets of any kind.  Being a native of South Africa, she speaks perfect English as well as Afrikaans, giving you confidence to leave your kids as well as opportunities for learning on both sides.

When asked for a reference, a previous employer explained that Neutoria loves kids and they love her- she just knows how to handle them; you can have the assurance that your kids are safe and well looked after. Neutoria says she has always wanted to travel the world and immerse herself in different cultures, learning different language. Becoming an Au Pair is her perfect opportunity to combine her love of children with love of travel.

As your child grows, think of the ways Neutoria can bring peace and calm to your home. In addition to helping care for your baby, she can help your toddler, and even older kids by providing help with the following:

  • Basic care / Help with temper tantrums, discipline / time-outs
  • Taking him or her to park, playgrounds
  • Language development, reading, foreign language introduction
  • Laundry
  • Bedtime routine
  • Potty training, washing hands

Parents benefit in so many ways, including:

  • If multiple kids, allow parents to focus on one kid at a time (homework, going to doctor, quality time)
  • Parents form close relationship with Au Pair, work as a team to raise children
  • Coverage for personal time (shopping, exercise, hobbies, date night)
  • Giving your kids quality child care plus unique cultural exchange exposure, broaden kids’ horizons, learn foreign language, language exposure, overall increased creativity

Contact me, Joan Lowell, your Local Area Representative (LAR) in the Providence, RI area, at or 401.309.1925, with your questions about au pair childcare or how an au pair might fit your lifestyle. I look forward to working with your family in the coming year!


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