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Go Au Pair prides itself on giving you choices. You can choose the country, language, culture, schedule, even your budget when you choose Go Au Pair for your cultural childcare experience. We have even more choices for you!

Today, I would like to introduce you to two young ladies, both named Ashleigh, both from South Africa, and both available to match with you right away. They are au pairs in transition from one Host Family to the next, hopefully yours!

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Go Au Pair offers you many options when you choose us for your cultural childcare experience!

Ashleigh Kim is 20 years old and one of 7 children! She is a high school graduate who speaks perfect English. She is looking to match with a traditional married couple or a single mom with kids of any age and ability. Ashleigh can drive (since 9/2014) swim, cook and hopes your pets aren’t snakes. She is infant qualified, so can care for your 3 month old as well as your teenager!

Please view her youtube application video she made for her future Host Family:

Asheigh has over 480 hours of documented experience with children from ages 3 months to two years, plus babysitting and volunteer experience working with kids from toddlers to school-age. She is looking to match with you right away, and can stay, providing full-time flexible care until the first week of September, 2016! That will bring you through the rest of this school year and summer too!

Ashleigh is available full-time, up to 45 hours per week, not more than 10 hours per day. She says she likes to Cook, bake, read books and try new things and enjoys swimming. Motivated, honest, patient and friendly are words used by previous references to describe her. Maybe your family could use the patient and friendly spirit Ashleigh would bring to your home. Contact me, Joan Lowell, your Local Area Representative in the RI area, at 401.309.1925 or

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Go Au Pair has many available au pairs for your flexible childcare needs! Visit us online today.

What about the other Ashleigh? She is 25 year old Ashleigh Robyn, available now until the beginning of February, for your immediate childcare needs, and possibly for another year after that! Ashleigh Robyn is a college graduate who has received local and international qualifications in make-up artistry and prosthetics (special effects make-up). She could really teach your teenage daughters, and mine, a thing or two about make-up! Probably us moms, too!

Ashleigh Robyn is also infant qualified, with at least 360 hours of documented care for under age 2 children. She also made a youtube application video for you to view. Please check it out here:

Ashleigh is the elder of two children and has been a licensed driver in South Africa since 11/2013. Asheigh is CPR certified and has worked with a child with learning problems. She is willing to match with a traditional married couple, single mom or gay couple with children from 3 months to teenagers! Does that describe your family?

Ashleigh speaks English (rated 5 of 5) and Afrikaans. She is a qualified make-up artist so she enjoys being creative with make-up and nails. She loves reading and going for walks. Maybe you have some young ladies who could use Ashleigh’s positive influence. Previous references say Ashleigh is a responsible young lady who excels at any task she is given. Why not give her the task of childcare and some childcare-related tasks at your house for the next few months?

As always, contact me for details or register online for free and I will contact you right away!


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