Chinese Au Pair Available

Go Au Pair is the best ranking au pair agency for your live-in cultural childcare experience! Come see why!

Transition au pairs are qualified au pairs who are in the process of changing Host Families. They are already in the country on an assignment which has ended early, and can often be in your home in as little as a couple of weeks.

Qiqi, known as Kiki to her American friends, is a 21 year old college graduate from China. She is an experienced au pair, tutor, babysitter, daycare and nursery worker who is also infant qualified for your 3 month to 2 year old who needs specialized care. Kiki is ready to match with a traditional married family or single parent of either gender with kids of any age. She can start right away and stay with you until the end of September, 2016!

Kiki speaks English (rated 4 of 5) and Mandarin. She says she likes traveling, doing sports, driving, music, learning to play instruments. making models, handicrafts and playing chess. She says she possesses the values that you are looking for: carefulness, honesty, responsibility and much childcare experience.

When asked how she might do as an au pair in America, her previous reference said Kiki is young and energetic with a warm heart, that it is easy to her play with the children, and she is like a loving sister to each child. Perhaps you have some young children who could use an energetic and warm presence in their every day lives.

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Go Au Pair offers live-in cultural childcare with the best ranking agency for live-in childcare!

Kiki can help you and your infant (plus your older kids, too) with the following tasks and more:

  • Establishing routine – naps, meals, bedtime
  • Providing a safe and healthy in-home environment, crawling / learning to walk and baby-proofing home
  • Care / help with crying / teething baby (not less than 3 months old)
  • Making healthy breakfast
  • Helping kids with morning/bedtime routines
  • Driving to / from school, if needed
  • Helping with reading, shapes / colors, alphabet, counting, emotions, sharing, manners
  • Laundry/cleaning kid areas

View the youtube application video Qiqi made for her potential Host Family:

As a parent, the benefits are endless, but here are a few. Parents will rest easy knowing they have help from their hand-picked Au Pair with:

  • Quality child care plus unique cultural exposure, broaden kids’ horizons, learn foreign language, language exposure for increased creativity
  • Big sister, part of the family, like a year-long sleepover with best friend, fun!
  • If multiple kids, parent can focus on one kid at a time (homework, going to doctor, quality time)
  • Coverage for personal time (shopping, exercise, hobbies, date night)
  • Less crazy mornings, can relax in evenings
  • Flexible schedules, in home convenience
  • Consistency for you and children, most placements one year long

How does infant qualified Kiki stand out?

  • 300 hrs + documented experience caring for children < 2 years old.
  • Experience broken down by ages in categories: 0-3m., 3-6m, 6-12m, 12-18m, 18-24m
  • Great value, one price for all your kids, full & part-time options:

Full time =  45 hrs/wk, < 10 hrs/day:               $340/wk

Part time = 30 hrs/wk, < 10 hrs/day:                $288/wk

  • Live-in, requires extra bedroom in home

All Au Pairs, including Kiki, pass a 17-point screening process including background check & personality profile, speak English (rated 1-5), receive 32 hours child care training in child development & safety, provide live-in care for children & perform child care related tasks like meal prep for kids, children’s laundry, cleaning children’s playroom & bedrooms. Full time Au Pairs work up to 45 hours per week & the total cost to you is about $340, or only $288 for a 30 hour part time Au Pair. Each Au Pair completes an educational component.

My name is Joan Lowell; I am the Go Au Pair LAR (Local Area Rep) for Providence, RI. We are accepting families anywhere in the RI, CT, MA region. Please contact me at or 401-309-1925 for more information.


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