Parents Need Au Pairs

Let’s face it. Life is busy and it’s not slowing down anytime soon! Parents of today are spread more thinly than ever.

That’s where me and Go Au Pair come onto the scene. Could you use up to 45 hours each week to get more done? Would you like to leave the kids at home in the morning rather than drag them out the door to daycare or the babysitter’s each day? Do your parents want to enjoy their retirement and get a break from babysitting for you?

Are you interested in teaching your children tolerance, a life-long love of learning and interest in the cultures of the world? Go Au Pair offers American families an affordable, reliable and unique opportunity to meet their varied childcare needs. Go check out how it works!

The US Department of State regulates the Au Pair Program, a mutually beneficial cultural exchange program for young adults to come to America for a year, up to two years, to learn about our culture and share their own, all while becoming a contributing member of your family during their placement.

You can choose au pairs from over 50 countries of the world, and he or she can work full or part time, depending on your needs, and even help with other childcare-related tasks. Au pairs can help develop routines and positive habits in your kids, whether they are babies or teenagers. Au pairs who are considered “Infant Qualified” have at least 200 hours of documented childcare experience for children under age two. They can also care for your older kids too, all for one great price!

Parents, you don’t have to believe me. The Huffington Post lists CT and MA as numbers 7 and 9, respectively, as among the top ten most expensive states to raise children! The Post also spoke to Go Au Pair researcher Summer Blackhurst, who set them straight on the great American secret of live-in childcare with Go Au Pair.

Register for free at

Go Au Pair offers affordable cultural childcare to your family! Contact me for details or register today!

Consider this alternative to daycare and the regular nanny. For less than $345 per week (on average) you can have flexible, consistent, live-in cultural childcare who can do even more than babysit. Your au pair can help prepare healthy meals and snacks for your kids, as well as help clean kids’ play areas, rooms and even do kids’ laundry! Does your daycare let you drop off the kids’ laundry and help get supper started too?

Parents, check out Go Au Pair and find out what makes us the Best Ranking Au Pair Agency for Live-in Au Pairs! Register for free, get searching for your next au pair and I will visit to make sure you have a private bedroom for him or her to sleep. There is no cost or obligation to you unless you actually make a Mutual Match with a candidate!

I am Joan Lowell, your Go Au Pair representative in RI. Contact me with your questions at 401.309.1925 or Read about what the Providence cluster has been up to in 2015.


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