Be Vigilant!

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Peace and love to our friends in Paris and around the globe who have suffered violence.

To start, let me say my prayers and thoughts are with victims of violence all over the world. I know good will always win over evil. Please take a few minutes to be grateful for life and love.

Taken from the Latin root “vigilant” meaning keeping awake, the Department of State, who oversees and regulates the Au Pair Program, has advised American citizens to be vigilant. This means to be watchful for possible dangers or difficulties.

For au pairs and American families alike, this advice applies internationally until sometime in February, meaning all of the holiday season must be spent being very careful about possible terrorist attacks.

The Go Au Pair family has been in contact with our French au pairs here in America, as well as our French au pair candidates, to ensure the safety of each person and family. Due to the recent attacks, the US DOS has issued a warning to all Americans traveling abroad.

Although most of our au pairs aren’t traveling right now, and there was no sign of an imminent threat before the Paris attacks, I feel obligated to detail for my readers what to do and how to keep alert.

First, this warning is not a ban or restriction to international travel. In fact, to stop living our lives to the fullest due to fear would be letting the evil ones win. Indeed, we should continue to enjoy our lives and show kindness and love to those around us just because the world needs more love and kindness.

Second, each person should practice vigilance, especially families with children and the au pairs who care for them. Be aware of your surroundings and anything that is different or stands out as odd or strange. When traveling, be sure to follow instructions of authorities and follow safety protocols such as waiting quietly in line and surrendering luggage to be checked.

An excellent motto of the season should be SEE SOMETHING, SAY SOMETHING. If something seems wrong or out of place, say something to somebody, whether it be a transportation worker, a police officer or anyone else, tell someone!

You never know when your actions may help others. Please share this post with your host family, au pair, babysitter, friends and family. Let’s not let the terror-lovers take our great American culture away from us.

Go Au Pair wishes each au pair, Host Family and child a peace-filled season of thanks. I am Joan Lowell, your LAR in RI; contact me at or 401.309.1925 or visit us online to learn more about au pair childcare and a cultural childcare experience for your family.


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