Full-time Chinese Au Pair Childcare

Are you in need of full-time childcare from now until the end of next May? That is just about until the end of this school year.

Would you like to give your children a cultural experience? How about doing it right in your own home?

Why not combine the two experiences and fulfill both a need and a want at the same time?

Go Au Pair offers live-in childcare and we have a full-time au pair candidate available to join your family now through the end of May, 2016.

Register for free at www.goaupair.com/Providence

Register today to interview Qianting, known as Cathy, tonight! No cost or obligation until you match!

She is 24 year old Chinese native Qianting, known as Cathy to her American family. Cathy has been caring for the four children of her Host Family since this past May. She holds her FL-issued driver’s license and can drive if your family needs.

Qianting is a college graduate with experience as a tutor, teacher and volunteer with children ages 12 months to teens. She in Infant Qualifed, with at least 500 hours of documented experience working with children ages 12-18 months.

Her ideal Host Family will be a traditional married couple, single parent of either gender, or a lesbian couple with children of any age. She can ski, swim, cook, and likes pets of any kind.

She says she likes reading, skating, watching T.V., singing and dancing. Cathy speaks English (rated 4 of 5) and Mandarin. She has been called full of positive energy, hardworking, strong, independent and confident. References say she likes and is liked by children.

Not sure about au pair childcare? Read to learn more. Cathy is skilled and qualified to work with your kids; we know because we require it!

Infant Certification:
• At least 200 hrs of experience, experience with diapers / bottles
• At least one work reference from employer with <2 kid
• Certain amount of 32 hr training focused on infants
• 4 hrs infant safety instruction
• 4 hrs infant child development instruction
• Required if Host Family has kids <2

Safety training:
• Au pairs required to complete 32 hrs instr training
• CPR cert / First Aid
• Additional training at NYC Workshop

Remember, Cathy has been successfully caring for four kids! All Au Pairs are 18-26 year old nannies who provide safe, reliable in-home child care & bring a cultural experience to your family. Initial placement is 1 yr for out-of-country Au Pairs, or shorter if you choose an in-country Au Pair; many choose to extend up to a 2nd yr. Qianting wants to complete her first year with you…maybe even extend for a second year!

Not ready to commit? Don’t need someone RIGHT AWAY? We have over 300 qualified au pair candidates, some in-country and others still home waiting to match with you!

My name is Joan Lowell, LAR (Local Area Rep) for the Providence area.
Please contact me for more information or simply register online and get started at home right now!


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