Au Pair Childcare Experiences

RI families can start the search and interview process for free and without obligation today! Jie from China is still available in January. We have other in-country candidates for those looking for immediate childcare, and hundreds of candidates still in home countries waiting to hear from you! The process is simpler than you may think; your au pair can be working just weeks from today!

The Au Pair Program is fairly simple, with au pairs providing up to 45 hours per week (not more than 10 hours per day) of flexible, reliable cultural childcare, while Host Families provide room and board, pay up to $500 toward the au pair education costs, and pay their au pair directly each week. The flexibility cannot be beat, since you set the schedule you need, as long as it is within the Department of State guidelines.

Working parents, single parents, even work-from-home parents find this program to be both enriching and exciting for them and their children. You can host an au pair from the country of your choice, who speaks the language of your choice, as well as English (rated out of 5). You need a private bedroom for your au pair and he or she cannot do any heavy housework or non-childcare-related tasks.

He or she can supervise kids’ homework and chores, help establish routines morning and night, even tutor your child in a language. Au pairs can prepare and clean up light meals and snacks, drive the kids if needed, and even do kids’ laundry! Ask your daycare or babysitter to handle all of that!

Register for free now at

Go Au Pair offers your family a cultural childcare experience now and into 2016!

Go Au Pair is offers more flexibility and benefits to your family than any other form of childcare. Contact me for details or register online for free and find out what it’s all about!

Visit Go Au Pair’s Providence page for complete details. Don’t forget to inquire about the Local Area Discount within an hour of Providence!

We offer truly skilled cultural childcare to you! On our Au Pair Profiles, you get tons of info!

Childcare experience:
• Yrs experience
• Ages of children cared for
• Service provided
• Previous responsibilities

Driving experience:
• Yrs held license
• Weather/traffic conditions
• How often Au Pair drives
• Car size, type familiar with

Infant Certification:
• At least 200 hrs of experience, experience with diapers / bottles
• At least one work reference from employer with <2 kid
• Certain amount of 32 hr training focused on infants
• 4 hrs infant safety instruction
• 4 hrs infant child development instruction
• Required if Host Family has kids <2

Safety training:
• Au pairs required to complete 32 hrs instr training
• CPR cert / First Aid
• Additional training at NYC Workshop

Au Pairs are 18-26 year old nannies who provide safe, reliable in-home child care & bring a cultural experience to your family. Initial placement is 1 yr for out-of-country Au Pairs, or shorter if you choose an in-country Au Pair; many choose to extend up to a 2nd yr.

Give me a shout at or 401.309.1925 with your questions, or just get started online now!


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