Remember Pearl Harbor Today

One part of the au pair experience is teaching and learning for both Host Families and Au Pairs. Today is an opportunity to teach about American history, which sadly, seems to be repeating itself in our daily headlines.  Days like today, among others, are solemn days of remembrance in our country.

American families have an opportunity with the Au Pair Program to have a cultural childcare experience, but also to share our American story. It follows naturally that American families would gain first-hand knowledge and information from the perspective of their au pair.

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Join Go Au Pair in remembrance of those fallen at Pearl Harbor and all attacks of violence.

Today’s lesson is a sad one. Pearl Harbor was a US Naval base which suffered a surprise attack and bombing by the Japanese on this date in 1941. Then-President Franklin D. Roosevelt declared it to be “a date which will live in infamy” due to the surprise nature of the attack without a declaration of war from Japan against the US.

This attack drew the United States into World War II, and consequently, my family. Yes, my family was directly impacted by this attack. My grandparents celebrated their first wedding anniversary the day before the Pearl Harbor attack. The nature of this attack, combined with the dedicated men and women overflowing with national pride and honor, spurred many to enlist, including my grandfather and one of his brothers. Both would proudly serve in the Navy and survive the war, thankfully, to come home and have large families with the wives they left home.

Recently, there have been many attacks, in this country as well as internationally. Please take the time to show your children, your au pair, your family that there are lessons of peace to be learned from such horror. At this time of year, it is sometimes helpful and always appreciated, if you or your Host Family can make donations to local non-profit agencies, such as the Red Cross or Salvation Army, or international help agencies like Feed My Starving Children.

No matter your religion, if any, keep the victims of violence in your thoughts and prayers. Be kind to each other at this time of year, especially, as many are missing those lost or away. Share your stories and ask your au pair to share his or her personal stories, even if not about Pearl Harbor. It is sad and surprising how many people have been impacted by some experience of war or violence. Bring some peace to the world this year – contact me about hosting an au pair.

I am Joan Lowell, Local Area Representative in Rhode Island for Go Au Pair. Reach me at or 401.309.1925. If you’d like to get started online right now, visit our local page (no matter your city) and start your Host Family Application tonight! You can search and select as many candidates as you’d like to interview. We have support for you throughout the whole process, and no money is due until you actually find your family’s Mutual Match!

What are you waiting for, Christmas? Get started now!


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