Culture in Rhode Island

If America is a melting pot of ethnic backgrounds, RI is the best example I can imagine. One of our towns, Johnston, was just voted the second most Italian neighborhood in the country, and we have an even more Italian neighborhood with cucinas on every corner in Federal Hill, also known as “Little Italy.”

You can walk through the Museum of Work and Culture in Woonsocket to learn about early Rhode Islanders and their work, a great activity for a rainy day like today.

Providence is the best place to visit for a taste from every culture, but please don’t forget our other fabulous cities, towns and villages. Newport boasts the country’s oldest tavern (serving America for over 350 years!) and the tenth oldest restaurant in the world! That’s right, come visit the White Horse Tavern or any number of other culinary masterpieces to match the mansions on its coast. Just check out their lunch menu, full of native ingredients.

Home of our beloved PawSox, Pawtucket, RI has some awesome eateries as well. Check out the top ten. With almost 20% of Rhode Islanders of Irish heritage, including me, go visit Doherty’s Irish Pub. Or for a taste of Venezuela, visit La Arepa, also in Pawtucket.

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Go Au Pair offers an affordable cultural childcare experience for American families

Culture is not just found in restaurants or museums. When you host an au pair, cultural exchange happens right at home. Visit us online for free and get started on a cultural childcare experience for your family, at We have au pairs with the skills you need. We have Infant Qualified au pairs, au pairs who speak English only, au pairs who drive, swim, cook, and have safety certifications like CPR and First Aid. Learn more about the cultural exchange that happens when you have an affordable cultural childcare experience with us!

Go Au Pair is an established, award-winning au pair agency ready to help you have a cultural childcare experience here in Rhode Island. Go view our spot on Kathy Ireland’s Modern Living! I am Joan Lowell, your RI Go Au Pair representative. Contact me today at or 401.309.1925.



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