Responsible, Creative, Active

Do these words describe someone you’d like taking care of your children? How about respectful and tolerant? These are words used to describe Kelly Melisa, an experienced Au Pair candidate from Go Au Pair. She is also from this month’s Featured Country, Colombia.

Register at

Register at and start interviewing Au Pair candidates like Kelly today!

At age 21, Kelly has already completed a successful year as an Au Pair with our agency, and is looking to extend her cultural exchange experience with a new family in a different area of the country. Why not Southern New England and Rhode Island? She would fit in great here, based on her profile details. Go check them out and then register for free! Tell them Joan Lowell sent you!

Kelly holds both CPR and First Aid certifications, is Infant Qualified, with over 900 hours of documented care for children under age two, and can start full time, up to 45 hours each week, beginning March 5, 2016! She can stay twelve months and help with things like kids’ laundry, driving to/from school or activities (she’s had her license since 9/2013), supervising chores and homework, or helping out with baby during the day! You set the schedule you need!

Kelly speaks English, rated 4 of 5, but wants to improve her skills as she helps your kids learn Spanish words, phrases, foods, traditions and customs! The Au Pair Program is a mutually beneficial program regulated by the US Department of State and Go Au Pair has been helping American families host Au Pairs since 1989! Let us help your family have a cultural childcare experience in 2016.

Kelly Melisa says she enjoys playing volleyball, painting, dancing, riding bikes, telling stories, sharing with children, going to zoos, parks and amusement parks. She is able to swim, cook and is fine with most pets. Her ideal Host Family for her second year as an Au Pair with Go Au Pair will be a traditional married couple or single parent of either gender with kids up to teens. She considers herself very active, so it would be great if your family liked to get out and do things too.

With Go Au Pair, you get up to 45 hours (not more than 10/day) of childcare for an average of about $340 per week. We have other candidates looking for part time work, or up to 30 hours for a cost of about $288 per week, no matter how many children in your family! In addition to child care, Au Pairs can perform light child-related housekeeping such as child’s laundry or tidying children’s rooms/play areas. You do need a private bedroom for your au pair, since it is a live-in program. Go Au Pair handles all the paperwork and logistics for you. You just pick him or her up at the airport or train station!

My name is Joan Lowell; I am the LAR (Local Area Rep) for Providence, RI. We are accepting families anywhere in the RI, CT, MA region. Please message me at or 401-309-1925 for more information.

Choose a cultural child care experience for your family!




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