Au Pair Achievement Package

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Go Au Pair offers a cultural childcare experience to you!
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Au Pairs come to the United States with a J-1 Visa, sponsored by Go Au Pair, or another Department of State-designated agency. They are motivated to do well, in both their Host Family Placement as well as their required education component. Local Area Representatives, such as myself, work hard throughout the year to plan fun social and cultural events for local Au Pairs to explore RI, CT and MA and make new friends.

One way Go Au Pair rewards those who successfully complete the program and submit all required documentation is our Au Pair Achievement Package. This is earned by most, but not all Au Pairs who participate in the Au Pair Program. It is the Au Pair’s responsibility to understand what is required and to submit them to the main office, but there are many reminders from both your local contact person as well as headquarters in Salt Lake City.

Here’s what you get:

A certificate of completion from the agency documenting your successful completion of your specific program

A special gift from Go Au Pair (maybe a coffee mug or t-shirt)

A $100 gift card

Here’s what you need to do:

Complete 50 weeks of childcare, full or part-time, depending on your program, and complete a survey from Go Au Pair at the end of your participation (easily completed online)

Earn 6 credits (or its equivalent) at an approved college or university (online courses not accepted, but travel courses are) and submit letter from school/professor, certificate or transcript

Attend at least four social/cultural events hosted by a Go Au Pair representative ( you must check out the cool events some of us do!) who documents your participation online

It’s that easy, and Au Pairs can earn them for year one and year two! Too often, Au Pairs ask me at the end of their placement when they are getting their package, yet they ignored the survey, didn’t attend enough events, or took a course that didn’t count. It is explained to Host Families and Au Pairs very clearly at the beginning of the placement that each party has to communicate with their LAR each month, that Au Pairs must attend 4 events and Host Families attend 1 event annually, and that coursework must be approved by the main office before you take it, to be sure it will meet the DOS requirements. Host Families must provide transportation (and time off) for Au Pairs to meet these requirements.

I’m happy to answer your questions about this unique cultural exchange experience, so contact me at or 401.309.1925. I am Joan Lowell, Local Area Representative for Go Au Pair Providence!




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