Who Chooses Au Pair Childcare?

Working for Go Au Pair is a rewarding experience for me! I get to meet young people from all over the world and their American Host Families who have chose an exciting cultural childcare experience with the Au Pair Program. I am lucky enough to be able to show off our great little state, and our neighbors; we are unique and special and I love to share my love of RI and nearby CT and MA!

You may wonder why families would choose a live-in program like the Au Pair Program, or even why young people choose to leave home for this type of experience. My friend, Polina in Philly, has answered the latter (please go read) and I will answer the former. The simple answer is au pair childcare really is so much more than just childcare and today’s families need more than just childcare.

Register today at www.goaupair.com/Providence

Go Au Pair offers RI families more than just a cultural childcare experience!
Register today at http://www.goaupair.com/Providence

What can an Au Pair offer your family that a daycare, private babysitter, nanny or even a family member cannot? Au Pairs provide the same level of professional, trained care as several of these options, but that is just the tip of the iceberg, literally. While our candidates pass all our screening processes, you, the Host Family, actually choose the individual who will live with you for a year, or even two, and duties always turn out to be more than just childcare! I don’t think you’re on the hiring committee at the daycare and you can’t always tell Grama not to spoil her babies!

Families get more than just a caretaker or babysitter. They get an extra set of hands at home, a trusted and loving new family member to jump in when and where needed, not just nine to five. The flexibility of au pair childcare is unmatched, as is the personal connection families and Au Pairs make for life. Au Pairs also do way more than babysit; they drive, play, supervise chores and homework, cook and clean up after kids, and can even do kids’ laundry! In my house, that would free up hours of my schedule each week!

While many families desire affordable care, it is often hard to find when families have children of different ages and stages. Go Au Pair provides all we can for one great price for families, no matter how many kids. An Au Pair can help with your infant and your teenager and the ones in between! He or she can be the best friend and role model your kids need, the creative one, the helper and word of encouragement, plus the one who helps the little ones with routines, manners and learning!

In my opinion, hosting an Au Pair is one of the most meaningful cultural exchange experiences for kids. They learn about new countries, their cultures and traditions, that much is obvious. What is more evident when speaking to real Host Families is the way Au Pairs impact their children and families in positive and lasting ways. Children learn tolerance, acceptance, patience and true friendship through participating in this form of live-in childcare.

If this sounds interesting to you, please contact me, Joan Lowell, RI area LAR, at 401.309.1925 or jlowell@goaupair.com. You can register for free online or contact me if you still have questions about the program here in RI. Local discount is available to select zip codes, so be sure to check us out!


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