Au Pairs Love to Learn!

When you’re considering hiring someone to care for your children, whether it be a babysitter, daycare, private nanny, or an Au Pair, parents want and deserve to know what training and experience the candidate has received.

Maybe you’re okay with a high school student with little experience or training, or maybe you’d like to know more than that about the person who will care for your precious little ones. Go Au Pair, your local Au Pair agency and cultural childcare specialists, provide you with many details about your Au Pair candidates, and you can learn even more through the personalized interview process.

Registration is free at

Let an Go Au Pair bring a cultural childcare experience to your family in 2016!
Registration is free at

Some want to know what kind of education do Au Pairs get? My friend and colleague, Polina, has answered that question for you, and I will attempt to address fears of Host Families who still aren’t sure yet.

To start, for one great price, your family gets up to 45 hours of childcare (or 30 hours for part time) and light child-related housekeeping. A great price does not stand alone and we know that. We want families to select the skills and experience that best fit their needs, and our Au Pair candidates will fit the bill.

When you view an Go Au Pair profile for free, you see detailed records of the kind of childcare experience (babysitting, volunteer, daycare, etc), for how long, the ages of children cared for, and actual responsibilities at previous positions. Yes, references are provided.

If you need a driver, we tell you how long the candidate has been driving, when he or she obtained their license, what kind of vehicle and how often he or she has driven, as well as whether or not the driver has snow-driving experience or concerns about American driving. We also recommend your Au Pair obtain his or her state-issued driver’s license for further peace of mind of Host Families.

When you need a candidate to care for the youngest member of your family, our Infant Qualified Au Pairs all have a minimum of 200 hours experience working with children under two, but we also tell you how many hours and with which incremental age group from 12 weeks to 2 years. You can rest assured our Infant Au Pairs have experience with diapers and bottles, as well as four hours of infant safety instruction plus 4 hours of infant child development instruction, all as part of the minimum 32 hours of instruction required by the US Department of State.

We have some candidates, like creative and ambitious Ntokozo, a candidate from South Africa with a ridiculous 11,466 hours of documented experience! She is already in the US, has her NJ driver’s license and can start before Valentine’s Day! Register online for free to get started today!

The training doesn’t stop with what’s required, though. Go Au Pair offers an exclusive NYC Workshop for Au Pairs entering the country, where they can spend a few days meeting other Au Pairs and the training staff from Go Au Pair, receive additional training and orientation to life as an Au Pair in the USA, plus a tour of the city! What better way to begin a cultural childcare experience than by a few days with like-minded folks setting off on similar journeys?

Not only that, Au Pairs complete 6 college credits (12 credits for part time Au Pairs) at an accredited college or university while they are here. Many choose to take English conversation classes to improve their English skills, while others take career-specific courses or even local travel courses. Au Pairs often reflect at the end of their experience how the American family life and childcare experiences they have with their Host Families are just as educational as the courses they took for credit! Au Pairs also use this classroom and life experience as they return home to careers in their own countries, or continue their worldwide traveling and learning as long as possible.

When you host an Au Pair from Go Au Pair, you can be sure your new family member has a love of life and learning that he or she is ready to share with your little learner. Get started on your cultural childcare experience today. Register for free and let the learning begin!

I am Joan Lowell, Go Au Pair's LAR (Local Area Rep) for Providence, RI. We are accepting families anywhere in the RI, CT, MA region. Please contact me at or 401-309-1925 for more information. 

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