Go Au Pair Honors Brazil in February

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Go Au Pair honors the country of Brazil during the month of February – sign up today and save!

Each month, Go Au Pair offers an additional $100 off program fees when you match with an Au Pair from our Featured Country of the Month, and for the second February in a row, we are featuring one of our most popular countries: Brazil.

Many Brazilian Au Pairs come to the US to improve their English skills, like other Au Pairs. What Brazilian Au Pairs bring to America is determination and dedication to their Host Families and children. As all Au Pairs do, Brazilian Au Pairs speak varied levels of English, as well as Portuguese.

Caroline is an Au Pair from Brazil, waiting to match with an American Host Family. Check out her application video on Youtube

Aline is another excellent Au Pair candidate who hails from Brazil. View her profile on our website and then register for free or contact me, Joan Lowell, with your questions.

We are very proud of the performance of our Brazilian Au Pairs.  Please read about a model Au Pair from Brazil nominated for the Au Pair in Excellence Award. Cristina became a member of the family the day she jumped in and started to care for her Host Family, including her Host Mom, through a difficult time in their lives.

Brazilian Au Pairs are often very good cooks and are happy to share some of their native cuisines and cooking methods with their Host Families. Furthermore, Au Pairs from Brazil love to share their culture as much as they love to learn American culture as part of your family. It works both ways; as they help your child or children have cultural experiences, the Au Pair in turn learns many American equivalents. Both your child and your Au Pair benefit, and this is just one small example.

Brazilian Au Pairs are great role models for your children. They are very dedicated to their families and children in their care, as Cristina’s nomination shows. Why not consider an Au Pair from Brazil, perhaps a male candidate like Wesley, for your next cultural childcare experience? I look forward to hearing from you soon!



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