Meet Zonika from South Africa

Go see Zonika’s youtube video and then check out her full profile on Go Au Pair. She is one of our excellent Au Pair candidates who is already in the country and looking for a new American Host Family to complete her year.

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Zonika is just one of several available in-country Au Pair candidates. Become a Host Family today!

Unfortunately, Zonika needs to leave her current American Host Family. They are moving out of the country! She has been caring for the family’s three children near Seattle, Washington, since the first week of September, 2015. In order to complete her year of service as an Au Pair and receive her Completion Package, Zonika needs to find a new Host Family who needs flexible childcare from now until September, 2016.

More about Zonika: she is 25 years old, has an International Driver’s Permit (allowing her to drive in RI until September) and has been driving in SA since 3/2010. Zonika has 1,730 hours of documented service providing care to children under age two, making her one of our most qualified Infant Au Pairs. She can care for your babies over 12 weeks, and your older ones too!

Did I mention this is all for one great price? Register to become a Host Family at Go Au Pair Providence and you will be thrilled with the many benefits of hosting an Au Pair like Zonika!

Zonika is a high school graduate and college student with an interest in event planning. She could come in handy when you’d like to keep the kids busy all summer! Zonika speaks English (rated 5 of 5) and Afrikaans. Being one of five children, Zonika is willing to work with a family who may have children with special needs, as she also has a sister with mental retardation.

You might fit the bill when it comes to Zonika’s ideal Host Family. She is looking for a traditional married couple, gay or lesbian couples, or single parents of either gender. Your kids can be anywhere from 12 weeks to teenagers! She is able to handle your driving tasks, your child-related household chores and provide an outstanding cultural exchange experience your family will not soon forget!

She needs to match with a new Host Family before her current family leaves the country, preferable by March 23rd. Contact me, Joan Lowell, your Go Au Pair rep, at 401.309.1925 or




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