Happy Pi Day!

Register to become a Host Family at www.goaupair.com/Providence

Go Au Pair celebrates Pi Day with tickets to the circus! Register to become a Host Family at http://www.goaupair.com/Providence

Happy Pi Day to all! That’s right, today, 3.14 is Pi Day. What is Pi, you ask? Not the traditional fruit-filled pastry dessert, but the number represented by the Greek letter/symbol. Pi in mathematics is the constant number which can be used to find the circumference of a circle, which equals the radius of any given circle times pi, or 3.14 (the rounded version). The real irrational number for pi is a non-repeating and never ending decimal after 3, represented by this symbol.

Why do you care? I’ll tell you why! Today, at exactly 3:14pm, Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey Circus is selling 314 tickets for $3.14 for the upcoming RI circus event at the end of April/beginning of May.

You have to get down to the Dunkin Donuts Box Office right away and secure your tickets. This is a very limited sale, valid only on select seating while supplies last. If you get there after the initial offer runs out, customers will still receive a one-day only savings, so get going!

This year’s circus, called Legends, will be sure to thrill. It is hard not to forget last year, when there was a terrible accident and several acrobats were injured when a caribiner clip failed, sending a group dozens of feet to the floor. This year promises to summon mysterious and mythical creatures from the past such as the unicorn, Pegasus and the Woolly Mammoth, and of course, thrill children of all ages!

Go Au Pair Providence will not be there as a cluster, but I encourage each of my families and Au Pairs to get out and see the living legends! If not Providence, Worcester is hosting the circus the week before they come to Providence.

As a side note, teachers all over the country are expanding your kids’ knowledge today, and some of them may have actually brought in pie, yes pie, to teach this concept. Try finding the circumference of a circle in your home! Just as teachers expand your kids’ knowledge, so do Au Pairs. Consider hosting an Au Pair to bring a level of cultural exchange to your family that is impossible to find elsewhere.

Contact me, Joan Lowell, or register at Go Au Pair Providence to get started on your family’s cultural childcare experience today! RI area zip codes are eligible for our best discount until the end of this month, so sign up today!


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