French Au Pair Available

Do you need coverage for the kids now?  Go Au Pair has several skilled, qualified and experienced au pairs ready to join your family within a week or two, or as much as five months out!

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Become a Host Family and find out why American families love Go Au Pair and Au Pair childcare!

Here is an excellent candidate from France, Jennifer. She’s available to interview and match now, and can stay through the first week of December, when she may be eligible to extend for 6, 9 or 12 months.

Jennifer speaks English, rated 5 of 5, plus French and Spanish! She’s a 25 year old college graduate with a degree in Marketing and Communication, and has been caring for three children of her Host Family near Long Island, NY since last December.

Jennifer hopes her next Host Family is a traditional married or gay or lesbian couple with kids from 2 to teens. She says she is patient, friendly, responsible and careful with children. Previous references had great things to say, too. According to them, Jennifer is committed to all that she takes on, she is creative with children, she is unique, funny, mature, adjusts well to all situations, generous, and reliable.

Visit our in-country page to see them all; consider au pair childcare with Go Au Pair/Providence today!

Want to more about Au Pairs and the Au Pair Program? Au Pairs are young people, ages 18-26, from foreign countries, who have skills and experience in childcare. You can become a Host Family, providing room & board and a stipend while your au pair provides flexible childcare for the remainder of his or her year, with the possibility of extending for another 6, 9 or 12 months. That is 45 hours per week, not more than 10 hours per day, for less than the cost of any local nanny or full time day care!

We have over 300 available au pairs, with several in-country au pairs, who could be working for you in as little as two weeks! Register online today to interview candidates.

All au pairs speaks English (rated 1 to 5), have previous skills and experience in caring for children, and Go Au Pair has already done all the legwork and screening for you. You can even choose which language you’d like your children to learn from their new au pair.

Why not register today so you can get started right away? Visit Go Au Pair, no matter what city you call home; google Go Au Pair/Providence and start your Host Family Application. If you have specific questions, call me, your Local Area Rep, or message me. Won’t you help an au pair complete his or her year with your family?


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