Chinese Au Pairs Recognized in May

This month, Host Families should recognize our Au Pairs from China, as Go Au Pair is featuring China for the month of May. If you match with a Chinese Au Pair during the month of May, your family is eligible for $100 off program fees! Our Featured Country Au Pairs are all pre-screened and experienced with childcare, they speak English (rated 1 to 5) and are interested in providing live-in childcare to American families with an interest in a cultural childcare experience.

Please check out an interview on Au Pair Clearinghouse with our Managing Director, Tanna Wilson, who explains the rise in demand for Chinese Au Pairs in our program as well as many other details about Au Pairs from China. American families can expect their Chinese Au Pair to be family-oriented, respectful and diligent and should not expect too outgoing of a personality, as that may be seen as disrespectful. Tanna also reminds us that, although our Au Pairs speak English which is rated on a scale of 1 to 5 (5 being best), we do not accept applicants who score less than a 3 with our International representative in the home country.

Go Au Pair has many qualified Au Pair candidates from China, but I would like to draw your attention to two of them today. Each young lady has completed one full year with their respective Host Families and wants another year in a new part of the country. Could you be the family for one of them?

Register for free at, no matter your home city!

Experienced Au Pair Xueyu is ready to match with your family!

First, Xueyu, known to her American family and friends as Miranda, is a 26 year old college graduate (CET6 National computer level 2) with experience as a teacher, volunteer, tutor and daycare worker.

She has CPR and First Aid certifications and is Infant Au Pair Qualified, with 900 hours of documented service with children under age two. She has been caring for two children in her Host Family near Dallas, TX and is looking for another traditional married couple or single mom with kids looking for a cultural childcare experience.

Here is her youtube application video for your first impression. Her English is rated 5 out of 5 and her native tongue is Mandarin. Like most Au Pairs, she wants to make more American friends and improve her spoken English. She can start full time, up to 45 hours per week, the first week of August and stay 12 months.

Miranda can swim, cook and doesn’t mind pets (except snakes!). She does not drive, so would be a great match for a family with toddlers, kids who take the bus, or who simply doesn’t need a driver. She enjoys swimming, running, singing, dancing, tennis and travel. Previous references say Xueyu is careful, thoughtful and trustworthy.

Yanhong is looking for year two in another part of the country - interested in a cultural childcare experience?

Yanhong is looking for year two in another part of the country – interested in a cultural childcare experience?

The second young lady I’d like you to consider is 24 year old Chinese Au Pair Yanhong. She is also a college graduate (CET4, Certificate in Putonghua) and Infant Qualified Au Pair, with over 1,400 hours of documented care for children under age two. She can drive (licensed since 10/2013), but will need to obtain her state-issued driver’s license in RI, CT and MA in order to drive in year two. Yanhong has been caring for three children of her Host Family near Toledo, OH for the past year.

Yanhong speaks Mandarin and English (rated 5 out of 5), can swim, cook and will place with pets (except snakes), and is hoping her new Host Family is a traditional married couple or a single mom. She says she’s curious about new things, likes to pretend, is optimistic and enjoys singing and reading. Previous references say you will like this lovely girl and her personal charisma.

Yanhong also made a youtube video for her potential Host Family. She can start September 23rd for full time, up to 45 hours weekly, for 12 full months.

If you’d like to know more about Xueyu (Miranda) or Yanhong, please register online or contact me directly.

What are you waiting for? Contact me, Joan Lowell, your LAR in RI, CT and MA, by replying here or registering for free at Go Au Pair Providence.


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