English-Only Childcare

When I tell people about my job, many folks respond positively. Most families like the concept of cultural exchange paired with flexible childcare, especially when the Host Family sets the hours and house rules! Rarely, I hear people say it is un-American to bring in foreigners to care for our children. These are the folks I’d like to address, and their kids!

Bringing in a young person from another country to help care for your kids is one of the most American things you can do! When you host an Au Pair, you teach your children acceptance and tolerance of people and cultures from all around the globe. The world isn’t getting any smaller and your children don’t live in a bubble. In fact, they will benefit in untold ways from a cultural childcare experience with a trusted agency like Go Au Pair.

Another issue some families have with hosting an Au Pair is the language barrier. It is true that you don’t want any miscommunication when it comes to the care of your children. This is why our Au Pairs are rated from 1 to 5, based on their interview with our international agent in their home country. We only list Au Pairs who score at least a 3 and recommend you Skype or FaceTime with your Au Pair candidates in order to assess their English-speaking ability.

Register to become a Host Family at www.goaupair.com/providence, no matter your home city!

Jessica speaks perfect English and is available for match!

For those of you who insist upon English-only childcare, let me introduce a fantastic candidate from Australia! Jessica Kate is a 23 year old English-speaking Au Pair who is already in the country (near Mountain View, CA) and looking to match with a family whose kids are age two or older. Her ideal Host Family will be a traditional or same-sex married couple or single parents of either gender with kids of any ability. She’s got experience caring for children with Autism and Asperger’s Syndrome and wouldn’t mind caring for children with special needs!

Jessica can swim, cook, drive (since 4/2011), and for your added peace of mind, she is both First Aid and CPR certified in Australia! She hopes her new hosts don’t have reptiles, snakes or spiders. Jessica says she enjoys reading, writing, keeping fit, going to beach, movies, seeing friends, exploring new places and meeting new people. She is willing to work full or part time for her Host Family.

Contact me, Joan Lowell, at jlowell@goaupair.com or 401.309.1925 or register for free at http://www.goaupair.com/providence today!



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