Go Au Pair Honors Ukraine

Why should you consider an Au Pair from Ukraine? To share the love of learning about other cultures, people and places, of course. How about to learn the language spoken by generations of your ancestors, but lost on your American children? Why not teach tolerance, acceptance and appreciation of each people and culture instead of teaching ignorance and hatred? Maybe you just need affordable and flexible childcare for your brood of busy kids!

Go Au Pair loves to share the cultures of the world with American families and has been doing so since 1989! Live-in Au Pairs can share their culture while providing flexible, reliable childcare services. This month, we are featuring our Au Pairs from the country of Ukraine (formerly known in the English language as The Ukraine). Host Families who find their Mutual Match with an Au Pair from Ukraine during the month of September will be eligible to receive a $100 discount off program fees. We currently have over two dozen candidates from Ukraine, including two lovely ladies already in the country and ready to start sooner than later!

Au Pairs from Ukraine are often excellent drivers, as drivers there can drive scooters and motorcycles at 16 and cars and other vehicles at age 18. Most Ukrainian Au Pairs come with driving experience and the International Driving Permit. Remember though, as I have written about before, I highly recommend your Au Pair obtain his or her state-issued driver’s license right away, no matter the home country.

Au Pairs from Ukraine report varied childcare experiences including teaching, tutoring, babysitting, Nanny and daycare, among others. More than half of our available Au Pair candidates from Ukraine have met the minimum of 200 hours of documented service caring for children under age two. Infant qualified Au Pairs can care for all of your kids over 12 weeks for one great price!

Looking to share the Ukrainian culture and language with your children? Need help sooner than later? Here are two candidates already in the country, Alona and Svitlana. Contact me with your questions about the Au Pair Program, or just register online to get started!


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