Highly Experienced Infant Au Pair

Is this you or someone you know? Expecting a baby and thinking about childcare? Going back to work soon and need a responsible caretaker for that precious infant? Need a mother’s helper to take over some child care tasks so you can take that night class or take on that extra project?

During the month of September, Host Families who match with an Au Pair from Ukraine will be eligible to save $100 off program fees. If you need responsible and experienced childcare for any of your kids, Daria may be a great fit.

Register today at www.goaupair.com/providence - it's free!

Daria speaks Russian and Ukrainian!

Daria is an experienced Au Pair and Nanny with at least 800 hours caring for children 12-18 months. A college graduate with a degree in Vocational Education – Computer Technology, she is interested in caring for your kids, no matter their ages. She is 24 years old and a licensed driver in Ukraine (since 6/2016).

She calls herself active, fun and easy-going and says she enjoys sports like cycling and volleyball. One of biggest dreams is to live in the US for a year or two, improve her fluency (her English is already rated good, or 4 out of 5), experience our culture and have new experiences with new friends. She has been called responsible, friendly and helpful by previous references. Available to start in 6-8 weeks, Daria is anxious to hear from you!

Daria is hoping to hear from a traditional married couple, single parents of either gender or a gay couple with kids of any age who needs flexible and reliable childcare. Daria says she can swim and cook and doesn’t mind if her hosts have pets of any kind.

Au Pairs like Daria can work split shifts and their schedules can be flexible with yours. Having live-in help provides you the greatest flexibility to attend school events, appointments, or other responsibilities while still maintaining the flow of your household. Au pairs can help get kids ready in the morning & handle the after school rush (or stay home with baby during the day), allowing you time to make dinner, sit and chat with the kids about their day, or run out and get those errands done by yourself.

Let’s face it – you’re busy and could use some help. Why not get the most flexible kind of help that can perform more than just childcare? Your Au Pair can do light cooking and cleaning for the kids, even do their laundry for you! Parents who host an Au Pair get an added family member to help with the (kid-related) responsibilities around the house. They finally get a chance for a date night or some personal time, or just time to devote to one child at a time.

Prices are right for families with up to 45 hours (not more than 10 per day) of childcare for only $354 per week, or up to 30 hours for only $301 per week. In addition to full child care, au pairs can perform light child-related housekeeping such as child’s laundry or tidying children’s rooms or play areas. You do need a private bedroom for your Au Pair, since it is a live-in program.


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