Short-Term Care Available Immediately

Do you need someone to help with all kinds of kid-related stuff at home? Could you use that person right away? Would you be interested in teaching your kids about another language and culture? Go Au Pair and Transition Au Pair Melissa from Colombia may be a Mutual Match for your family!

Register online for free and learn more about the whole Au Pair Program and how a live-in cultural childcare experience will benefit your family in 2017.

Register for free at

Melissa is ready to match with your family and share her Colombian culture and Spanish language with your children!

Melissa is a 25 year old college graduate who has been an Au Pair near Oakland, CA since last April. She can start right away and stay until at least the last week of April, when she may be eligible to extend her program another 6, 9 or 12 months. First Aid certified in Colombia, Melissa is Infant Qualified with over 1,000 hours of documented care for children under age two.

Please view Melissa’s application video here.

Melissa is willing to match with a Host Family with kids from infants to teens. She would prefer a traditional married couple or single parent of either gender and doesn’t mind if your family keeps pets. Melissa can swim and cook and says she is friendly, responsible and creative. She likes spending time with children, planning celebrations and doing cakes, travel, movies, reading, animals, dancing and working out. Previous references call Melissa mature, confident and responsible.

Does Melissa sound like someone you would welcome into your home and family to help you care for your children? She is waiting to hear from you, along with hundreds of qualified candidates available for your review. Visit our website to learn more and register for free today.

We are a nationwide agency with over 25 years of service to American families. We likely have a representative within an hour of your home. I am Joan Lowell, your Providence, RI Local Area Representative. Contact me directly at 401.309.1925 or I look forward to hearing from you!


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