Need Childcare This Summer? With Go Au Pair, You Have Options!

Go Au Pair is one of the country’s oldest and most respected au pair agencies. We are one of the original six agencies designated by the US Dept of State to participate in the Au Pair Program since its inception in 1989. We have representatives in over 60 cities across the land, as well as a professional staff in Salt Lake City to handle all the details and logistics for our clients, both American families as well as international visitors interested in cultural exchange, childcare and learning about the American way of life.

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Visit us online to learn more about your options!

Are you, or someone you know, in need of flexible childcare this coming summer? Did you have a baby and plan to return to work soon? Are you an international family who wants to expose the children to cultures of the world? Go Au Pair and the Au Pair Program might be just what the doctor ordered, plus we have many options.

Full and part-time options are available, as well as flexible start dates, to have your Au Pair arrive right when you will need him or her. Yes, we have male au pairs as well as females. All candidates pass a strict screening process and are fluent in English as well. We have some candidates available for less-than-one-year-placements (which is the norm), as well as candidates who can start now, in 4-6 weeks, or later this summer. Like I said, you have options!

Need someone at the end of the school year? All of these qualified candidates are available to start within the first week of June, just in time for summer!

Cintya – age 23, from Mexico, looking for 6 month placement with any type of family with tweens or teens, she has First Aid and CPR training in Mexico

Jacqueline – age 23, from El Salvador, seeking full 12 months with traditional married couple or single mom with kids from 3 months to teens

Sthembile – age 23, from South Africa, seeking 12 months with traditional married couple or single mom with school-aged kids, she has her bachelor degree in social work and has a passion for caring well for kids

Svitlana – age 23, from Ukraine, seeking 12 months with traditional married couple or single parents of either gender with kids 3 months to middle school

To learn more about the program in your area, contact me, Joan Lowell, at 401.309.1925 or, or register online at GoAuPair/Providence, no matter your home city.


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