Kenyan Au Pair Available Until March, 2018!

Go Au Pair is proud to bring American families a cultural childcare experience like no other. We bring together families in need of flexible childcare and trained, experienced young men and women from nations around the world to share a cultural exchange to benefit everyone! Please consider Hannah, a 24 year old native of Kenya, currently caring for the children of her Alexandria, VA Host Family. She can start right away with your kids, ages 12 weeks to teens, and stay through the beginning of March. Hannah speaks excellent English and is Infant Qualified with over four thousand service hours with babies under age two! She is also First Aid certified, a college graduate and a licensed driver (licensed in Kenya since 10/2015).

Hannah has made a YouTube video to introduce herself.

Please check it out and consider her for your flexible childcare needs for the next nine months! Hannah likes to dance, play gold, make new friends, travel and is hoping to find a traditional married couple or single parents of either gender who needs help with the kids and is interested in sharing American family culture as well as learn something about Kenyan culture. If you know a family who is paying for multiple forms of childcare, send them my way! The Au Pair Program offers unmatched flexibility and personal support by a knowledgeable representative within an hour of your address.

An Au Pair can help with morning and evening routines when things get busy around the house, and can even help with older or younger kids too, for no extra charge.  Babies and toddlers need a patient caregiver to help them learn tasks like dressing, potty training, brushing teeth and hair, and Au Pairs can handle it while also helping your child learn to share, play new games and even learn a new language! They can supervise chores and homework for the older kids. Moms and Dads get help to handle all the tasks that come with kids, plus more. This is a live-in program and Au Pairs must complete an educational requirement. Average cost to families for a full-time, 45-hour Au Pair is $7.98 per hour!

Not sure about the Au Pair Program? Contact me with your questions at 401.309.1925, visit us online to learn more, or call our main office and inquire at 888.287.2471.


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