Mature, Educated Ukrainian Candidate

Go Au Pair honors a new country each month. We love cultural exchange and the appreciation of all cultures makes the world a better place. We have been sharing world cultures with the American family since 1989! This month, we wish to honor the Au Pairs and citizens of Ukraine, a very special nation and home of my friend and colleague, Polina, who is also a representative for Go Au Pair in the beautiful state of PA.

To highlight our partner countries each month, we offer our matching families a $100 discount off program fees. For families who decide to match with an Au Pair from Ukraine during the month of July will be eligible for such a discount. Even better, we offer payment plans, flexible arrival dates, and many skilled candidates for your interviewing options.

Please meet Tetiana, a 23 year old Au Pair candidate, college graduate (Law degree) and experienced Nanny and Tutor. She is currently awaiting your contact and interview! Interested in matching with a traditional married couple or single parents of either gender, Tetiana speaks English (rated good, or 4 out of 5), Russian and Ukrainian. Tetiana enjoys cycling, traveling, hiking, rock climbing, photography and chess. References describe her as educated, respectable, modest, honest, hard working with a helping nature. She can start within a month or two, so don’t wait!

What can Tetiana do to help with your household? Au Pairs can work split shifts and their schedules can be flexible with yours. Having live-in help provides you the greatest flexibility to attend school events, appointments, or other responsibilities while still maintaining the flow of your household. Au pairs can help get kids ready in the morning & handle the after school rush, allowing you time to make dinner, sit and chat with the kids about their day, or run out and get those errands done by yourself.

What legwork has Go Au Pair done for you? Au Pairs pass a 17-point screening process including background check & personality profile, speak English (rated 1-5), receive 32 hours child care training in child development & safety, provide live-in care for children & perform child care related tasks like meal prep for kids, children’s laundry, cleaning children’s playroom & bedrooms. Each Au Pair is responsible to complete an educational component to complete the program. We sponsor the Visa, supervise the entire placement with monthly contact and handle all the logistics for you!

What is an Au Pair? Au Pairs are young people, ages 18-26, from foreign countries, who have skills and experience in childcare. You can become a Host Family, providing room and board and a stipend while your au pair provides flexible childcare for the remainder of his or her year, with the possibility of extending for another 6, 9 or 12 months. That is 45 hours per week, not more than 10 hours per day, for less than the cost of any local nanny or full time day care!

Bottom line, what does this cost? Average cost: $359 per week or $7.98 per hour!

Register today so you can get started right away. Visit Go Au Pair Providence, no matter what city you call home. Contact me, Joan Lowell, your Local Area Representative, at or 401.309.1925.


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