Live-in Cultural Exchange & Childcare is Alive and Well!

Do you value, even embrace, the many cultures of the world? Does your family teach appreciation of differences? Are you raising your children to be world citizens? Interested in foreign languages? Perhaps you also pay for childcare. Go Au Pair and the US DOS-sponsored Au Pair Program is the perfect marriage of the two! We offer American families and young international visitors a mutually beneficial relationship, secured by contract with an established national agency and connected locally by a dedicated Local Area Representative, or LAR, such as myself.

I am Joan Lowell, LAR in Providence, Rhode Island and nearby Connecticut and Massachusetts. We have several representatives in southern New England and in nearly 90 US cities! Go Au Pair offers American families a cultural childcare experience with a candidate of their choice, specifically chosen to meet their lifestyle, skill, cultural, scheduling and budget needs. Host Families get up to 45 hours per week (not more than 10 hours per day) of flexible childcare plus a live-in big brother or sister for their kids.

Au Pairs can provide direct childcare for all of your kids for about $7.98 per hour. Plus they can do all things childcare-related, like helping kids tidy their rooms and play areas, preparing and cleaning up after snacks and light meals, even doing the kids’ laundry! Need someone to get the kids on the bus in the morning, off the bus in the afternoon, and supervise homework and chores? Au Pairs can work split shifts, too! As long as you abide by the Department of State regulations, your Au Pair can work when you need him or her!

Au Pairs stay with their Host Families for 12 months (sometimes, shorter placements are available), up to two full years. Au Pairs do need to complete an educational component and attend at least four social or cultural events each year. Host Families provide room and board as well as a stipend and contribution to the educational component. Friendships are developed, relationships for life are made as part of the Au Pair Program. Just read about one Au Pair’s opinion of her Host Family.

Whether you need care in six months or right now, we have options for you! Please visit our website and register to become a Host Family, no matter where in the US you live. Contact me with your questions at 401.309.1925 or


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