Local Support

Joan Lowell - Local Area RepresentativeMy name is Joan Lowell and I am a stay-at-home mom since 2009.  I spent 14 years as a teacher of students with special needs as well as a English/Language Arts teacher at the middle level. After earning my Bachelor of Science in Elementary and Special Education at Rhode Island College, I earned a Master of Education from Providence College here in Rhode Island. I have six of my own children and a black lab. My husband and I enjoy outdoor activities like walking, gardening and riding bikes as well as indoor activities like board games and watching movies and reading books.

My cluster is growing in the Providence, Rhode Island and nearby Massachusetts and Connecticut areas. We are actively recruiting for new families in the area, offering a generous Local Area Discount to new Host Families who live in my area.

As a LAR, or Local Area Representative, I am the closest point of contact for both the Host Families as well as Au Pairs; I am here to provide local support to both for the entire length of placement. Be it a phone call, email, or social/cultural event, I love to be in contact with my families and Au Pairs as much as possible.

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