Program Costs

Every family who thinks they may be interested in hosting an au pair eventually gets to the same question: how much is this going to cost?

I will try to be direct and simple. The fees can be broken down a couple of ways. Let me explain. All fees are a combination of au pair stipend, education fees, and agency fees. Prices effective 3/12/2015.  For current pricing, please visit the Go Au Pair Program Pricing Page

Each au pair is paid a stipend, weekly, biweekly, or monthly, directly by their family. That fee is not changed by any discount, nor is it less if the au pair does not work all the hours allowed for that week. Hours are not allowed to be carried over to the next week. For full time, up to 45 hours per week, the au pair is paid $195.75. For part time, up to 30 hours per week, the au pair is paid $146.81. Host Families may choose to pay slightly more, but no less. Some families choose to give a ten or fifteen dollar raise if the au pair extends for a second year.

Each au pair must complete educational requirements as part of the Au Pair Program. The Host Family agrees to contribute a set amount, depending on the amount of hours they will need their au pair. Full time au pairs need to complete 6 college credits, for which the Host Family is expected to contribute the first $500. Part time au pairs need to complete 12 college credits, with the Host Family contributing the first $1,000. If the education expenses are more, they are paid by the au pair. If they are less, the Host Family does not owe the balance to anyone. The Host Family does need to provide some form of transportation to and from the classes, even if it is a bus pass or rides from a family member.

Finally, program fees are paid to the agency to cover costs such as paperwork, logistics, support staff, and travel expenses. This is where the Locals Only Discount comes into play for families in my local area! If you live in the Rhode Island, Eastern CT, or SE/Central MA area, you may be eligible for $750 off program fees. Just complete your Host Family Application and choose to match with an out-of-country au pair within the first 90 days. There is no obligation to pay one cent until you and your au pair have decided to make a match.

Before the discount, program fees are $7,695 per year for a full time, standard au pair. Part time au pair program fees begin at $6,995. With the $750 discounted, families hosting full time au pairs pay only $6,945 annually, or $6,245 per year for part time.

When you break this down, you can look at it weekly too, and even come up with a hourly average, if you use the full hours allowed. That being said, with no discount, families with a full time au pair pay an average of $353 per week, or $7.85 per hour. With our Locals Only Discount, that average comes down to $339 per week or $7.53 per hour! Families with a part time au pair pay an average of $301 per week or $10.02 per hour before the discount. With the discount applied, part time costs about $286 per week or about $9.53 per hour!

If you need someone right away and can’t wait the 4-8 weeks after the match for a typical arrival, consider one of our in-country au pairs. You will no longer be eligible for the Locals Only Discount, but your au pair’s program fees will be pro-rated, and some of the education cost may have already been covered, leaving you partial or no payment for education fees. Keep in mind, your au pair is entitled to two weeks paid vacation at some point during the year, and some of that may or may not have been taken already.

For more information about our understanding our fees, please check out our online video.

When you’re through, get started on your Host Family Application right away! I will be contacting you shortly to set up your Host Family Interview, meet the family, and explain the benefits, rules and regulations. If you are still shopping and get another offer from one of our competitors, get it in writing so you can present it to us. We are happy to offer a competitor price match like no other, and you can take that to the bank!

gap bank_sign_on_stone_building_ss

Try our Competitor Price Match, and you can take that to the bank!


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