What is Au Pair Childcare?

AuPairs_holding_international_flags.ssAu pair childcare is a unique form of childcare blended with cultural exchange. It should be considered a mutually beneficial relationship between an au pair and a host family. It is not daycare. It is not the same as a Nanny. It is way more than a babysitter.

An au pair is a young adult who comes to live with you, the host family, for a year or more, with the arrangement to be available for your flexible childcare needs, become a contributing and involved member of your American family, all while experiencing our great American culture.

In return, you agree to house and feed your new family member, pay him or her a weekly stipend, contribute up to $500 toward their educational requirements, and provide a loving, respectful and supportive home environment for as long as you both agree, up to two full years.

A standard, full time au pair works up to 45 hours per week and not more than 10 hours per day. You might need help first thing in the morning, getting lunches made and getting the children off to school. An au pair can do that, and then be “off” until later in the day, when you need someone to be ready with an after-school snack at the bus stop.

Full time au pairs can cost as low as $7.53 per hour for families in our Locals Only Discount zip codes. Compare that to 45 hours at daycare, and did I mention, an au pair can do child-related household tasks, like kids’ laundry, light meal prep and clean up, even homework help or general tutoring!

Part time options are available for families who need 30 hours or less per week. It is still a live-in program and the 10 hours per day limit remains, but for families with kids in school all day or work-from-home parents who need an extra set of hands at peak times, it is ideal. Your children will benefit from daily immersion in the language of your choice, all while teaching them tolerance and acceptance of other people and cultures.

Add to all of that the fact that you have this Department of State designated agency, Go Au Pair, located in Salt Lake City, Utah, who sponsors the Visa and does all the paperwork for you, and the KISS principle has been fulfilled. If you have children are are paying any form of childcare, keep it simple silly! (Ya, I know!) The global society our children must thrive in requires cultural tolerance and bilingualism. Give your children an advantage from the start with a cultural childcare experience from Go Au Pair.

Choose Au Pair from over 50 Countries!

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